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April 23, 2024


About Us

Company Overview

CardCare sells convenience. Identifying a consumer need for an efficient, convenient greeting card service, CardCare has developed its unique Internet-based service. The CardCare service is for the customer an opportunity to strengthen and maintain personal relationships. In this fast-paced, increasingly de-personalized world, such small gestures are vital. CardCare focuses on helping its customers maintain relationships, in both professional and personal spheres, and is an unrivaled tool for hassle-free communication.

CardCare aims to serve its customers by eliminating time wasted purchasing and addressing greeting cards, while simultaneously minimizing the risk that the customer will forget important dates or events. Significantly, CardCare provides this service without taking from its customer the opportunity to include his or her signature and a personalized message.

Products and Services

CardCare works as follows: A consumer opens an account and inputs the dates and addresses of significant contacts. This information, stored in a database, is maintained for the user’s convenience. By browsing through the CardCare selection of greeting cards and gift products, the user can then purchase cards/gifts to fit all occasions-birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc-for his or her contacts. The items-which can be purchased with or without the CardCare service-will be delivered to the user on the predetermined date as a reminder to the user that an item should be sent.

If a card has been purchased with the CardCare service, it will arrive in a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. Without the CardCare service, the card’s envelope will be blank or with a return address only printed on the back flap of the envelope. Either way, the card arrives in time for the user to add his or her signature and/or personal message and drop it in the mail.

CardCare currently offers cards from several national manufacturers, including Recycled Paper Greetings, Renaissance Cards, Red Oak Cards, Latitudes North Cards and Posty Cards.

History and Founding

CardCare began with an idea by five college students from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Participants in an Entrepreneurship class, the students devised a plan and laid the original creative groundwork for CardCare.com, planting the seed for the online card service you see today. After graduation, the group members decided to brave the risk and bring the company to life. CardCare was off and running.


CardCare has been featured by the following programs and publications:

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  • Bloomberg Small Business Television (March 2000) Featured segment on USA Network.
  • Potentials Magazine (January 2000)
  • Financial Woman Today (Winter 2000)
  • Cincinnati Magazine (December 1999) Featured as part of "21 People Pushing the Future" article
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  • Talk America Radio Network (December 1999) Featured segment on ""Computer Daze" show hosted by Guy Kemp
  • Fox 28 News, South Bend (November 1999) Featured segment on evening news
  • Hamilton Journal News (October 1999) Feature article in Business Section

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