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June 20, 2024


Privacy Policy

CardCare understands that the list of information you will be providing us is not simply ink on paper.  It is an invaluable part of your business, and took many years and many dollars to compile.  Therefore, CardCare has taken careful steps to ensure the privacy of your database and employ a strict privacy policy to every list of contacts we store for our clients.

When clients of CardCare place their lists of contacts on the CardCare web site, the following policies apply:

  • The provider of the information (client) is the sole owner of the information included on the list. 
  • CardCare provides the client space to store, organize, and use the list to make the ordering of cards more convenient.  CardCare does not have any right associated with the ownership of the information, including the use of the information for any purposes other than processing the client's orders.  
  • Under no circumstances will the private address information of the clients of CardCare be divulged to any third party. 
  • "Not divulged" means the information will not be sold, rented, given to, or in any other way seen by any "third party" other than the client and the CardCare order-processing department.
  • "Address information" includes the name, address, birthday, anniversary, or any other information linked to a person on the client's private database list. 
  • "Third party" includes, but is not limited to, list brokers, retailers, marketers, sales agencies, or any person other than the client and CardCare managers. 
  • When a customer has ceased working with CardCare, all client information is returned to the customer at their request and is not retained or stored by CardCare.