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June 24, 2021


First Time Visitors

How do I shop for cards?

There are a number of ways you can purchase cards through CardCare.  If you wish to purchase cards (without any mailing services), you can browse our selection of cards, click on the card you wish to purchase and follow the instructions given to you on the web site.  If you want to send a card to a customer, client, friend or family member, you will need to select the card you wish to send and then choose from the mailing services on how you wish to send the card. Then the web site will direct you through the process of adding the recipient’s address to the card and into your address book for future use.

If you are interested in sending cards frequently for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and various other occasions, you might want to check out CardCare’s Scheduled Event Mailings.

Do I have to register?

Not right away. You can shop and personalize cards/put items into your shopping cart, however when you are ready to check out, you will need to log-in to your existing account or you must create a new account to make purchases from CardCare.  Don’t be alarmed about providing us with any contact information as it will not be provided to any 3rd party for marketing purposes. (see privacy policy)

How do I register?

Click on the create a new account link and complete the form.

What if I forget my password?

When registering for CardCare you will be asked to enter a case sensitive password. In addition, it will ask you to provide a hint in case you forget your password.  In the future, if you forget your password you will be able to access the hint by entering your email address.  If you are still unable to retain your password, email customerservice@cardcare.com from the email address on the account and you will receive your password within 24 hours.

What if my email address or other account information changes?

To change your account information such as your email address, email notification preferences, mailing address or return address, just click here to go to your account profile, select/update your information, and select ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

How safe is the personal information in My Personal Profile?

We are completely committed to maintaining the privacy of our customers. We do not sell or rent your personal information to marketers. Also, your mailing lists are used solely for the purpose of addressing your cards. While we save your addresses in your personal address book for future mailings, only you have access to those contacts via your password. Please see our privacy policy for greater detail.

What is the Address Book?

Your CardCare account provides you with an Address Book, which allows you to keep the mailing information and important dates of all your clients, customers, friends and family members so that you can easily order items.  You are the only person that can access this information and it is kept completely private. Adding new people to your book is fast and easy. When in the address book, simply click on the Manage Address tab and then the "Add New Address" link and you will be taken to our new entry page. You can save contacts at a location and copy the location to other new contacts so that you can quickly and easily add multiple contacts in the same location. If you want to add a larger group of people to your address book (more than 10), we suggest that you upload the list, rather than entering it by hand. You can keep your addresses organized and separated into groups by using Manage Contact Groups feature in the Manage Address tab in your Address Book. Also, you can create a 'Primary Household Contact' and enter a 'Household Greeting' name (e.g. The Smith Family, Bob & Sue Smith) so that when you want to send a large mailing (like holiday cards,) we help you ensure that you only send one card to each location.

From your Address Book you will be able to choose the people for which you wish to shop.  For instance, if you would like to send the same holiday card to a group of people, simply click the select box next to each person (or use the Select All Contacts option) to whom you wish to send a card and begin to shop.  You will find that you have many options to help you manage your addresses in your Address Book under the Manage Address tab.

How can your service remind me to send cards for upcoming events, such as birthdays and anniversaries?

CardCare's services will take the stress off of you, when it comes to remembering important dates and mailings. This can be done by ordering cards in advance - to be sent to yourself addressed and stamped prior to the event, or have them sent directly to the recipient. You can also set up a program where your order is placed monthly through CardCare's Scheduled Event Mailings. You will be reminded to keep your contact list updated on a monthly basis and if you’d like, our system can remind you to place your order each month.