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June 24, 2021



How much do cards cost?

The price of the card depends on the card you choose. CardCare currently carries a line of inventory that includes cards ranging in price starting at $0.99 per card. This includes any customization and/or imprinting you choose to have done on the inside of the card. The cost of the mailing service is only the cost of a first class postage stamp per card. This includes addressing, stuffing, stamping (the stamp) and sealing. When ordering cards without any mailing services, but including your return address printed on the envelopes, there will be a $0.15/card charge.

Do you charge extra for customization?

One of the features that makes our service so great is that all of the online customization is included in the cost of the card. You can create your own text and add a personal salutation on each card at no additional cost!

How much do you charge for postage?

We offer First Class mailing, which is $0.49 (effective 1/25/14 ) per piece for domestic stamps and $1.15 per piece for international addresses. Mailing to Canada and Mexico costs $1.15 each. First class postage for 5 x 7 postcards is the same as for folded cards. First class postage rates for 4¼" x 6" postcards is $0.34 for domestic addresses, and $1.15 for international.

How much do you charge for shipping and handling?

You will be charged shipping and handling ONLY if you elect to have your cards shipped back to you. Read more about our shipping options. See our Pricing Chart for details.

Does CardCare offer quantity discounts?

Yes, CardCare offers quantity discounts.

Qty. Discount
100-149 7% off
150-199 10% off
200-299 14% off
300-499 16% off
500-1999 20% off
2000+ 22% off