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June 24, 2021


How to become a Consultant

CardCare offers you the opportunity to manage your own business by becoming a licensed CardCare Consultant. As a CardCare Consultant – we want to provide you with the tools you need to grow your own business while also providing insight and details that will help you in the sales process. Therefore, we have developed various materials to support and assist you and your business as you begin to work with our company. Please note that in order to become a CardCare Consultant – you must have access to DSL internet services as well as the Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel and Outlook email.)

As a CardCare Consultant – you will be assigned a unique consultant ID (and have a specific website address/splash page) that your customers must input when signing up for an account so that you are officially their consultant. You will earn a 30% commission on all sales made by your customers. So whether you go into their account and purchase the cards on their behalf or if they purchase cards on their own – you will receive credit for that sale.

If you refer someone to become a new CardCare Consultant – you will receive a $50 bonus – referral reward. Working with CardCare is an exciting business opportunity and we appreciate it when Consultants share the excitement with others. It helps our business grow which in turn allows us to reward you!

To get started, please review the following details and if interested, please contact Jen Smoker at Jen@CardCare.com for more information.

We look forward to working with you!

CardCare Consultant Program Outline

Program Details:

CardCare will partner with CardCare Consultants in an effort to aid in sales and customer service needs.

Commission System:

* CardCare Consultants will receive 30% commission on all card sales (from new customers/accounts)
* Each representative will be given a consultant ID that they can apply to a new customers account when they are setting them up or making an order for them. Representatives will be compensated for all transactions made by customers containing this ID in their account.
* Payment checks will be issued to Consultants (pending check amount is not less than $50) when amount due equals or exceeds $50


Consultants act as sales representatives for CardCare. Duties will include but are not limited to: obtaining new clients, setting up and maintaining new accounts, helping Clients with their account questions, placing orders and pursuing sales. Occasionally, the CardCare home office will forward new Client prospects/leads to Consultants.


As this will be conducted as a test program thru June 2005, CardCare will make no expectations as to the activity of each consultant. In addition, CardCare will conduct an annual review (in June '05) that will include:

  • How many new clients were signed up
  • How each consultant is marketing the CardCare product
  • Sales activities of each consultant.

Marketing/Sales Aides:

CardCare will provide marketing materials (full brochure and condensed program detailed brochures) for Consultants' use. Consultants can order additional materials online in their account. CardCare reserves the right to not fulfill a request for additional marketing materials if the Consultant continues to use the materials and is not actively gaining new customers.



  • Receive monthly newsletters via email regarding website updates, new product offerings, promotions, etc.
  • Receive 3 set-up mailing from CardCare:
    • Welcome packet
    • Training and Program Details Binder
    • Sales Tools
  • Provided with an executive summary of CardCare's business plan
  • Are encouraged to spend time on the company website to learn about accounts
  • Will have the option to attend a 1-day training program where CardCare representative will spend time with Consultant going through scenarios and providing hands-on learning (Cost to attend: $250 + travel expenses)
  • Consultants will receive a Training/Informational Binder
  • Consultants will receive a Tools for Selling Binder

Rights & Terms:

Outside of the Distributorship agreement, CardCare will reserve the right to make changes to this program in the following areas – after the affected consultants have been notified.

  • to add additional regional consultants and provide them with same tools provided to current consultants
  • marketing materials

Program Set-Up:

Cost: Initial Consultant set-up investment of $149.99 (to receive the Training/Informational Binder and Tools for Selling Binder)

  • Training/Informational Binder provides detailed information about our company, general statements about our customer base, product offering information, technical/website training, how to sign-up a customer as well as helpful hints/ideas for the selling process.
  • Tools for Selling Binder will be materials that you can send to prospective clients as well as materials that can be used to present our services to prospective clients. This includes informational materials regarding our products/services, a sampling of the product offering, price list, website reference pages and finally a deck that you can use to walk customers through the process of using CardCare.

Consultants must sign a copy of the Distributorship Program Agreement (pdf).