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July 15, 2024


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My Scheduled Event Mailings

Scheduled Event Mailings

Do you want to send cards on a monthly basis for events like birthdays and anniversaries but don't have the time or energy? Create an automated monthly purchase schedule to stay connected with your clients. You completely personalize all details of the monthly card mailing program up front and then we make it easy and convenient by doing the work for you.

To create a monthly mailing program, select the card design you want to send and all of the interior personalization options (you do this only once and we take care of the rest every month for as long as you choose.) Next, determine if you want the cards and addressed/stamped envelopes shipped to you so you can mail them, OR if you prefer us to mail them directly to your clients on your behalf. You can change your monthly card selection, the personalization or the mailing options at anytime.